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We prepare Founders to get in front of Investors–

Investor  Business Plan

  • New Innovative Market Opportunities

  • Why your solution is 10 times better

  • Proof that you can sell and deliver

  • Go-to-market plan

  • Team Scalability

  • Multiple Pitch Deck

  • Contingency Plans

  • Exit Strategies


How It Works For Your Company
Sign-up on our Investor Network Platform we help Founders find investors, refine and create investor level business plans and presentations.


Global Venture Capital Network 

Through our world-wide Venture Capital Network, Venture Guide Magazine, Books, Webinars and our online Venture Exchange, SanPete Financial Group has had the opportunity to work with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital, Corporate VCs and Family Office Investors representing over $120 Billion. We make introductions from Investors to Entrepreneurs Every Day!

SanPete utilizes a two-fold interrelated approach to secure your funding requirements.


Accredited Investor Network

SanPete Financial Group has Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity firms and Seed Capital connecting people and businesses by giving them exposure to many types of investors to access, search and connect with thousands of profiles available.


Investor Match
Startups and Existing Companies have benefited by our ever-increasing opportunities to get funded through our initial investor match process, based on your stated criteria. You can get desk reviews and conditional Letters of Interest then move agilely into the due diligence process. 

Founders download our comprehensive brochure on VC Documentation Preparation, and get all your capital raise documents prepared fo you TODAY!

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