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  • Our strategy and process brings investors many new clients who are “within the Investors’ portfolio requirements” – clients you have never met, at scale, and could not meet without our proprietary methodology. 


  • We engage clients on behalf of Investors to determine if they will fulfill the requested criteria of the Investors’ portfolio and industry.


  • We utilize Investors' directives to provide the necessary direction to choose clients and projects that are fundable, provide excellent growth metrics and scalable returns for Investors.

How It Works For Your Organization


Institutions & Their Consultants
SPFG has the expertise and experience to target all appropriate consultants for family offices, endowments and foundations, public funds and other institutions with precision. Proper planning, positioning, messaging, and execution brings your firm the greatest reach, and communicates the precise perception of your firm before personal contact.


Our preparatory methodology brings founders further on the path from being unaware of your firm and its offerings, to being fully informed with a positive impression, expediting the allocating process.

Accredited Investors
SPFG locates for our accredited investors clients that fit their “Investor Requested Client Profile”. To curate a highly targeted client for our investors, we on-board potential founders through workshops, events and face to face meeting which uncovers all of their differentiating factors and benefits.


This allows our team to produce a strategy with compelling on-target project plans that fit an investor’s industry portfolio. SPFG is always optimizing to serve the needs of investors.


Investor Profile
For all offerings, we segment our founder outreach campaigns. We begin by asking ourselves who the most likely investors are; describe them in detail of demographics and behavior. We take into consideration the specific projects/industries you are looking to engage. Are they fans? Brand evangelists? What type of market media following does the firm have and how extensive is its in-house database?


What we are ultimately seeking is to present the best founder profile, to attract the most favorable deal, and then by being systematic and programmatic to scale our campaign with the optimal founder and deal data to maximize effectiveness.


Our thinking is always firmly on the balance of completing the offering, at the most efficient and highest return on capital.



Intermediaries – Brokers - Deal Finders – Consultants

SPFG teams with several Intermediaries – Brokers - Deal Finders – Consultants, who bring substantial projects and founders that fit our investors’ desires. Each relationship and deal is vetted to assure it meets with the Investor Profile requirements.

Contact Us today if you need venture capital funding for mid-tier projects between $5M - $120Bn. 

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