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Your company must be positioned, talented and able to deliver to gain the support of an Investor. 

  • Investors want to know that your plan is agile and actionable.

  • They want you to spell out specifically your expected results in tangible ways they can project into success. 

  • Many business people take themselves out of the running when they begin to write in granular detail, without conclusion or lecture to prospective investors.


Consultative Approach to Investor Funding


Our funding strategy process includes the following key elements and steps 

Many companies seeking funding simply approach various sources without any plan or any idea of whether those funding sources are even appropriate to their business. Approaching funding this way is a sure-fire way to waste time, resources and to get many rejections.


A funding strategy helps you minimize time, resources and rejections on the road to funding by carefully assessing where your business stands. Our consultants do this by locating gaps, holes or missing pieces that are evident in your plans, team and presentations.


We also identify key inflection points in your business: future points in time where additional funding or other resources are likely to be required.


The funding strategy tells you whether your company is currently best suited for a business loan, venture capital funding, government funding or angel investors; and the best sources of capital for future inflection points. 

Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, business model, business market or industry and your offering terms. This provides you the opportunity to express your vision, goals and potential to an experienced, objective listener who can spot weaknesses you might miss. 

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