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Investment Funding Services
Investment Funding Services you must have to receive, manage and meet your payback date and ROI.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a company specially created to fulfil a narrow, specific purpose. The reasons for setting up an SPV are to: Hold a pool of assets to act as security (collateral) for loans. Pass the financial risks associated with holding a pool of assets to other entities or investor(s).

The typical legal forms of special purpose vehicles are partnerships, limited partnerships, or joint ventures. Moreover, in some cases, it is required that the SPV should not be owned by the company on whose behalf the entity is created. Contact Investment Management Services

Upon receipt of your first investment tranche your business will gain a substantial tax obligation resulting in a huge impact to your cash flow and profitability if not adequately addressed. Our CPA Advisory Services will help you to plan ahead to assure no unintended tax burden arises. Contact CPA Advisory Services 

We customize trust options to fit your needs: 
Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex Discretionary, Spendthrift Trust, Living Trust, Business Trust, Wealth Management and Investment Specific Trust. Contact Trust Services 

Risk Mitigation
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