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Our Investment Team strives to make the Investor Engagement Process seamless and transparent for the Capital Seeker 

7 STEP Funding Process
  1. Capital Seeker reviews and signs Venture Capital Raise Engagement Agreement, to begin Investor Engagement. Provide Executive Summary, Business Plan, Pitch Deck and Financials. We will revise Business Plans, and presentations as necessary for Investor submission. 

  2. Our Deal Review & Investor Placement Team reviews deal and will identify interested Investors’ whose portfolio requirements match your deal. Capital Seeker wires required investor engagement fees based on project location.

  3. Investor meetings are set-up for you to negotiate deal parameters, to arrive at consensus with investor.

  4. A one-hour conference call is scheduled with the Investors’ Facilitators and your team to go over the Investors’ funding process.

  5. Investors' Deal Package is sent to Capital Seeker containing: Investor’s NDA, General Term Sheet, LOI, and Contracts.

  6. Capital Seeker signs LOI. 

  7. Funding Closing. 

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