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8 Pertinent Questions –Investors ask during due diligence

Your answers to these 8 pertinent questions and many more will determine funding.

  1. What stage of revenue generation are you in? While investors do accept pre-revenue companies, other attractive factors must exist to overcome the lack of revenue. 

  2. What risks exist? Risk is a huge factor. Is your management team sufficient to mitigate risk? Is there significant competitive risk? Do you have IP protection? Are you incorporated? Are your finances well managed? 

  3. Does the founder take advice? Are you able to accept criticism, respond to it and improve? What is the experience of the founder? Are there other ventures that succeeded or failed or are very new in the same market space? 

  4. Is the pricing structure viable? Do we see this as scalable and capable of generating acceptable profit levels for investors? 

  5. What is the market size? How many competitors occupy the space? How unique is the offering? Are there cheaper faster substitutes or can this be copied quickly? 

  6. How much bootstrapping have you done? How resourceful are you at getting this done? Are you persistent? Do you have a clear vision? 

  7. Are you a real company, legally registered? Are you managing your accounts appropriately? Is the company bank account separate from your personal account? 

  8. Is your ask in our range? 

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