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Ordering Process
  1. Send email to with each item name, item number, quantity and compliance spec [C.E. or F.D.A.] for each item.
  2. Include all contact information, so that we can verify your order. 
  3. We will prepare P.O. specifications based on products. 
  4. We will send Proof of Funds specifications based on Manufacturer. 
  5. Sign required documents, remit required payment.
  6. Your shipment will be tracked w/notification of delivery. ​
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Freight Delivered ONLY to your address.

Shipment 3 - 6 weeks from date of order.

Freight charges will appear in Terms & Conditions.

All orders will be shipped to the address you provide.


Return and Refund policy, based on Manufacturers Policy.

Please contact manufacturer to facilitate return and refund.

MOBIMED Catalogue

Essential COVID 19 Supplies

Boaray 5000D Ventilator

Boaray 5000D Ventilator 20-2000ml (VCV); Applicable to adult, pediatric and infant. Minimum Order based on model $10,000 - $75,000

KN95 Mask

KN 95 (CE Mark - WKH KANGBANG FFP2 Certified Particulate filter to 99.6% 50,000 [50K] Minimum $3.25 ea.

Isolation Gowns

Isolation Gowns IG18 200,000 [200K] Minimum $18 ea.

3M Short Clear PETG Face Shld

Short Clear PETG Face Shield WE96S 82580-00000 200,000 [200K] Minimum Flat Stock 50 EA/Case $4.90 ea.


Particulate Respirator 3M70070614394 160 per case 200,000 [200K] Minimum $3.60 ea

1-STEP Quick Test

1-STEP Quick Test Kit QTK75 75,000 [75K] Minimum $8.50 ea.

Digital Handhold Thermometer

Non-Contact Digital Thermometer-Forehead Laser Infrared Minimum Order 10 10 +US $65.21 20+US $63.27 50+ US $61.27 100+ US 59.27 150+ US $53.27 10,000+ US $25.00

3M Surgical Mask w-Shield

3M Surgical Mask w-Shield 1838FSG 1,000,000 [1M] Minimum 200 per case $1.90 ea.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer # PB128 - 8oz - 2.90 ea. 12oz - 12.00 ea. 20L Refill - 72.00 ea. 1,000,000 [1M] Minimum

3PLY Face Mask

Surgical 3 Ply Mask YY0469-2011 Standard Similar to EN16683 Type 1, with Fluid Resistance like Type 3 1,000,000 [1M] Minimum $.60 ea.

RBE 57 Hood

3M RBE 57 Hood RBE-57 20,000 [20K] Minimum 6 per case $56.58 ea

Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask

3M Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask 1835FS 300 per case 1,000,000 [1M] Minimum $1.55 ea


Disposable Nitrile Gloves, 6 Mil 500,000 [500K] Minimum 100 Gloves Per Pack $12.00 per pack

Full Body Tyvek

Full Body Tyvek FBT200 20,000 [20K] Minimum $25.00 ea.

High Fluid Resistant Procedure%20M

High Fluid Resistant Mask Ear Loop 1840 3M1840 1,000,000 [1M] Minimum .35 each 300 per case

PPE Goggles

PPE Goggles Minimum Order 500 $10 - $150

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