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International Compliance

To assure that you are fully compliant consult with your government trade department and be prepared to comply with all of their policies and those of the country you will provide your goods and services to.

USA Export Compliance -

Free Trade Agreements (FTA) - Getting Preferential Treatment

To take advantage of the reduced-duty benefits under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), an exported product must originate from an FTA party or must contain a specified percentage of U.S. inputs and components. Each FTA has its own Rules of Origin (ROOs) that describe how exported goods shipped to a country, or a region may qualify for duty-free or reduced-duty benefits. Because the ROOs are FTA- and product-specific, they need to be followed carefully.

The Certificate of Orgin (CO)

The Certificate of Origin (CO) is required by some countries for all or only certain products. In many cases, a statement of origin printed on company letterhead will suffice. The exporter should verify whether a CO is required with the buyer and/or an experienced shipper/freight forwarder.

Note: Some countries (i.e., numerous Middle Eastern countries) require that certificate of origin be notarized, certified by local chamber of commerce and legalized by the commercial section of the consulate of the destination country. For certain Middle Eastern countries, the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce may also provide such services.

Pricing - Tariffs/Taxes

When pricing your product, foreign tariff and taxes are included in the total or "landed" cost of the export sale. This is the actual price your buyer pays to get the product to his doorstep. Please refer to the Customs Info Database or the FTA Tariff Tool for information on current tariffs and webinars for important considerations on product pricing

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