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Connecting To Africa

To do business in Africa we must educate ourselves on the way business is done on the continent. Perhaps you may be looking to expand your market reach, set-up a new location or grow your investment portfolio with African asset possibilities.  Download our African continent partner Equity Bank "Africa-Recovery-and-Resilience-Plan-Equity-Group-Social-and-Economic-Transformation-Plan" information guide and gain  an in-depth understanding of how to do business and get access to resources for governments both national and local; funding vehicles, and business and cultural information to get you started.

Discover Africa

Click the country of your choice to discover what it has to offer, then take advantage of the opportunity to connect to through a Investment & Trade Education and discover the Investment opportunities that Africa can provide.


Explore Africa 

Through our country showcases we provide information that helps you learn more about each country beyond the basics.