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Space Innovation Funding 

"Working directly with perspective clients and agencies that you intend to fund or collaborate with is the highest and best strategy to develop and propel successful partnerships into great innovations and businesses." ~Yvonne E. Gamble  

SMART Cities Connect Spring Conference & Expo

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SanPete Financial Group CEO Yvonne Gamble will be speaking on the Investment and Partners RoundTable panel  and will be a pitch competition review judge during the #SCC24 this Spring! Join me as I share insights on how technology is transforming urban living. Collaborate with municipalities, industry leaders, federal government, military, and nonprofits to empower our communities! Bring your questions and let’s dive into the topic of creating #smartercities together! Register today!


SanPete's CEO Yvonne Gamble served as a Judge for NASA Space Tech Catalyst Prize a program that awards $25,000 to individuals and organizations that work to create a more inclusive space technology ecosystem. The prize also supports community building and effective engagement within NASA's Early-Stage Innovations and Partnerships (ESIP) portfolio. Up to 20 individuals or teams receive the award, with each team made up of eligible individuals or organizations and led by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who is at least 18 years old. 

Each winner was selected for proving their ability to engage and develop underrepresented groups in space technology development, broaden NASA’s outreach efforts to diverse sources of developers, and build a community of emerging innovators equipped to compete for the agency’s technology development opportunities.

“We are proud to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of these exceptional individuals and organizations leading the way in building an inclusive community in space technology for the benefit of humanity,” said Denna Lambert, inclusive innovation team lead, Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Their dedication and success in engaging underrepresented groups will undoubtedly inspire others to join us in advancing the frontiers of space exploration and innovation.”


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Wildfire Climate
Tech Challenge

SanPete Financial Group CEO Yvonne Gamble served as a Judge reviewing pitches and participated as a panel speaker representing the venture capital industry for NASA’s Wildfire Climate Tech Challenge, part of the MSI Incubator initiative, seeks innovative solutions for wildfire prevention and climate technology. NASA invites students and employees of Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to address the escalating issues caused by wildfires exacerbated by climate change. Successful participants will have the opportunity to join a startup incubator program and compete for a prize of $100,000. Additionally, this initiative offers a platform for participants to present their ideas to venture capitalists and NASA experts, furthering the development of technology in the fields of wildfire prevention and climate change, while promoting inclusivity and diversity. Blue Clarity hosted the challenge. 9 semi-finalists were chosen 6 teams took home the challenge prize. 

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2023 NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge

SanPete Financial Group CEO Yvonne Gamble Judged 22 entries for space and defense tech innovations, along with a group of 15 other judges across the United States from NASA Scientists, and Venture Capitalists. 

In December 2023 NASA announced final winners of the 2023 NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge, which focused this year on lunar exploration and climate science.

Entrepreneurs from across the United States came together at the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit and Expo in Washington to pitch their ideas to a panel of NASA judges and venture experts. Winning organizations were awarded a $85,000 grand prize for technologies that advance the agency’s science goals.

“Science and technology work hand in hand,” said Nicky Fox, associate administrator for science at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Our science goals are advanced by creative new technologies, and challenges like this open doors to innovative ideas from entrepreneurs around the country. We are always looking for the brightest, cutting-edge ideas to help NASA move forward its visionary research regarding Earth, the Moon, and the entire universe.”

The 2023 NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge sought solutions in two areas: to provide ideas for lunar payloads that may attract non-governmental funding for delivery to the surface of the Moon by a commercial provider; and climate science to obtain high quality data from small, hosted instruments, as well as new business models for using existing climate data to address climate and environmental problems.


Earlier in 2023, 11 challenge participants were selected as Round 1 winners, and received $16,000 each to advance to the final, second round of the challenge.

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