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T-Minus Real Estate has chosen the Atlanta Aerotropolis as an energy-efficient smart home development site because it creates a central hub with externally permeating development rings. Atlanta Aerotropolis is also a gateway to the world, offering metro Atlanta residents and businesses nonstop service to more than 150 domestic and 70 international destinations. These locales include major commercial centers in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and South and Central America.

Aero-cities have made worlds and enterprises get closer together and flying is no longer a luxury for the few. Living in the vicinity of an airport means having a form of transit, which can carry you all over the world. For internal travel also, aero towns have made it quite convenient, as their citizenry demands quality transport.

T-Minus plans to build 5000 energy-efficient smart modular homes in the Aerotropolis communities on 63 scattered sites to allow for maximum integration into existing and developing infrastructure, in collaboration with its partner ImpresaModular "Atlanta" Factory in Greenwood, South Carolina. 


Electric vehicle maker Rivian in December 2021 announced it’s plans to build a $5 billion assembly plant and battery factory in Georgia, which Gov. Brian Kemp called “the largest single economic development project ever in this state’s history.”

At a press conference with Kemp at the State Capitol, a Rivian executive outlined plans to employ 7,500 workers at its factory, a jobs tally state officials have said could grow to 10,000. The plant will be built on a sprawling swath of farmland and pine forest about an hour’s drive east of Atlanta.

Rivian plans to begin production in 2024 at the Georgia plant, where it expects to be able to manufacture up to 400,000 vehicles a year. Construction is slated to begin summer of 2022.

Georgia beat out Texas and several other states for the vehicle factory, Georgia’s first since Kia announced plans to build a manufacturing center in West Point near the Alabama border. Rivian said the new factory will assemble its R1T truck and R1S SUV, in addition to delivery vans for Amazon, a major investor in Rivian.

T-Minus plans to develop 2100+ Acres (approximately 6000 homes) of undeveloped land situated 49 miles from Altana off of I-20 provides an ideal backdrop for a new modern energy efficient communities developed for environmental suitability and sustainability, to full-fill the immediate and future needs for homes that will accommodate the growth of the Rivian vehicle factory employees, and the ensuring support businesses that will be added to the Rutledge, GA  infrastructure. 


Homes will have electric generation capabilities and will allow homeowners to sell back unused electricity to the grid. Rendering the home both energy efficient and income producing. 

2023 Modular Franchaise Factory Expansion to Atlanta, GA Metroplex

T-Minus will utilize its partner ImpresaModular’s "Atlanta" Factory out of Greenwood, SC at all times and has 2023 factory expansion plans to locate an ImpresaModular Franchise Factory directly in the Atlanta area to accommodate the energy-efficient smart modular home demand in Georgia and throughout the United States.