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Pitch Your Startup




What does your pitch deck contain?

  • Your vision

Having a clear vision and understanding of your business will leave a positive impression on your audience and show that you have a passion and a real interest in what you are doing which means that you are self-motivated and self-disciplined. In our Raise Capital program, we help you set a clear business vision for your pitch deck through providing you with feedback about what to include in your pitch deck and valuing all the materials and data to improve your chances of getting funded.

  • Problem and Solution

Your second slide should demonstrate the problem you are trying to solve and the solution you are offering.

Sometimes, this concept can be taken overboard, though. You do not have to be offering a solution for a huge global issue, your product/service can be offering an easier/simpler/quicker/less expensive way to do something as mundane as dish washing. As long as the customers need it, it is valuable.

  • Your target customers

Having an adequate knowledge about your potential customers will help you create an effective marketing strategy later on and to have a better product that attends to their needs. Demonstrating your targeted customers and some data (geographic, demographic, age, interests, etc.) about them in the pitch deck is essential.

  • Your business roadmap

A good business roadmap helps you define your goals and what milestones you want to reach. A good business roadmap will give your audience an idea about where your business is heading and what challenges might arise. Including such info in the pitch deck will show that you are well-aware and probably ready for challenges.

In Raise Capital program, we take upon ourselves helping you in defining your business roadmap that should go in your pitch deck with help of high-potential technical team and business experts. 

  • Your marketing strategy

Using your pitch deck to outline your marketing strategy has a great advantage on your startup financial performance. This will help you attract investors and convince them to fund your startup. 

  • Your team and people

Who are your team members? What experience and potential do they have that can contribute to the overall growth of your startup? Are they as passionate about the business growth as you are? Make sure to highlight your team’s achievements, expertise, and visions in your pitch deck. This will give your audience an impression that your team is trustworthy and reliable and so will higher the chances of them investing because a strong business is a strong team.

Preparing a High-Quality Pitch Deck

Creating a high-quality pitch deck before approaching investors  will help you attract the investing party’s attention. However, preparing a good pitch deck might be a tough task to do for some entrepreneurs as it requires time and planning. Through our VC Docs Preparation Service, we can help you prepare and review a good pitch deck to successfully approach angel investors and VCs. 

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