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Investor Business Plan


Writing your investor business plan:

  • Summary

It is an overview of the business that you have/want to build. Including the industry and the market you want to target, and finally your competitors.

  • Description

The description answers key questions; what do you want to do in the presented project? How do you solve the problems? Who is your targeted market? And how do you fill the need in your company?

  • Management

Investors in general look for the right team to work with nevertheless you have to include a quick overview of your employees, location, and legal structure.

  • Financial plan

Investors are looking for the financial plan to clearly define and document the capability in 3 major component areas: 

1. Use of Funds - Show the use of funds and demonstrate clearly how they will be utilized throughout the life-cycle (term) of the requested funding.

2. Capitalization Table - Investors will want to know upfront who they are investing with and what position the investment will put them in. 

3. ROI [Return on Investment] - Projections in your financial plan must demonstrate a substantial and sustainable return on investment.  


Business Meeting

What is an investor business plan?
An operational business plan will lead the right way to run your business. An investor business plan focuses on financial modalities that abate the challenges you will face in your SWOT analysis with a business plan that is designed to face these challenges and allow you to step back and look objectively at  your plan and pivot with agility towards continuous improvement.   Moreover, an investor business plan will help you to get funding from angel investors and Venture Capitalists.

It is a good business practice to hire a professional business plan writing company to write the investor business plan under your guidance. Platform Capital can provide you a list of resources. 

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