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Challenges You Face

One of the daunting challenges facing any entrepreneur is to find the right mentor. It’s an important thing that might determine the fate of their startup.

It can be challenging to find the right mentor, at SanPete Financial Group we help entrepreneur’s find the right mentor from our network of mentors. All our mentors have very different and diverse backgrounds and some of them work in the big incubators like 500startup, Ycombinator, and TechStars...etc.

Finding a mentor means that you need to find a person you like, easily interact with, a person who listens carefully to what you have to say and guide you through your tough journey. Contact us directly to help you find the right mentor for you.


Please join our Entrepreneurs Network and let us connect you with the right mentor for your stage TODAY!

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A Mentor's Importance 

Mentors are important to founders’ success because they can provide different opinions and valuable connections. In many cases mentors can be the bridge to the investor. Mentors can also gain a lot from mentorship as their mentee. It will allow them to stay connected with the newest technologies and find out about the challenges facing entrepreneurs  in different fields.

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