Doing Business in Africa

The Doing Business in Africa course will enhance the participants conceptual and practical knowledge about doing business in Africa. It will provide a solid foundation considerable conceptual work will be done to look at the specifics of concepts such as political, economic, risk market and strategy in Africa. The conceptual work will be reinforced with applications from all over the African continent. After the introduction to the case method many case studies and practicum application illustrations of critical concepts will be utilized to demonstrate the African context.

You'll Walk Away With:


An up-to-date examination of an evolving African business culture and an understanding of the technologies set to shape the future of the continent.



Insight into with whom and how business is currently adopting and driving all technological innovations and the potential for partnerships between incumbents, start-ups and investors. 


The ability to critically assess the future integration of innovation in industry, through exploring complex real-world problems and how your business can be used to find solutions.




A strategic framework to apply within your own role, and the opportunity to share this with like-minded professionals on trade tours, or during Africa Connect conference weeks held throughout US.

1-DAY Course Curriculum


Morning Session
Welcome to Doing Business in Africa
Module 1: Understand the importance and economic potential of African markets.
Module 2: Understand how Africa’s historical context is impacting its current economic development.
Module 3: Learn how to evaluate strategy options and business opportunities while navigating the challenges and relative volatility of doing business in African markets.

Afternoon Session

Module 4: Understand how institutional capacity, culture, values, and other issues affect one’s ability to successfully conduct international business.
Module 5: Learn some practical ways to assess and mitigate political risk.
Module 6: Gain exposure to and experience in the business climates within countries.

3-DAY Course Curriculum


Welcome to Doing Business in Africa


Module 1: Fundamental characteristics of the changing political environments. 
Module 2: The evolving macroeconomic, identifying opportunities.

Module 3: High potential sectors, agricultural, mineral, water, energy.



Module 4: Negating risks of doing business in African markets.

Module 5: Strategic concepts, formulation and implementation. 
Module 6: Effective Marketing in African context and concepts.

Module 7: Cultural aspects of negotiating Public Private partnerships.



Module 8: Ethical challenges and issues of social responsibility in Africa.
Module 9: Doing business in different regions of Africa.

Module 10: African Approach to Entrepreneurship. 


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Earn a Doing Business in Africa Certificate

Gain an understanding of how to fully do business on the African continent and earn an official certificate of completion.

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you upon successful completion of the course, as per the stipulated requirements.
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