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Access To Markets


Raise Capital for startups
If you want to raise capital or find funding for your startup either from local angel investors, get government funds, get funded by Venture Capitalists or crowdfunding platforms, then you can join our Raise Capital program!
We help in raising money regardless of the stage that you are in (seed funding, pre MVP funding, post MVP funding, series A funding, etc.). We have a strong network of global partners including Venture Capitalists, accelerators, incubators, government funds and crowdfunding platforms who can help you raise the money. We also can help raise money from our network of 50,000 angel investors and worldwide.
Invest in startups
If you are an investor or interested in investing in startups, SanPete Financial Group will be glad to have you in its Investors network and match you with startups from the United States from different industries (FinTech, HealthTech, MedTech, AI, B2B, B2C, and others) and stages (idea stage, MVP. Post-MVP, Seed, Series A, and others)
Find an angel investor
If you are a founder or an entrepreneur and you are looking for funding opportunities, we can help you out. We will help you prepare and improve the documents you are using for introducing your startup to investors (Pitch Deck, Business Plan, Financial Forecast, and others). We will then match you with investors and help you in finding the right angel investors. For more information, you can check our Raise Capital program.
Match you with Venture Capitalists
If you are looking for funding opportunities through VCs , we can help you out. We match founders and entrepreneurs with local and global Venture Capital firms. For more information, you can check our Raise Capital program and get matched with VCs. 
Develop Business Plan/Pitch Deck/Financial forecast consultants for startups.
We know that introducing the entrepreneur to angel investors or VCs is important but what is more important is to have the right presentation or else the entrepreneur will be losing the chance. We help you write your business plan, pitch deck and financial operating model through our team of business plan, pitch deck, financial forecast experts and consultants. We can also review those documents if they are written and give you the best advice before pitching to investors. All of these services and much more are parts of the Raise Capital and Finding A Mentor programs.
Technical cofounder for startups
Tired of looking for a Chief Technical Officer CTO? Finding a professional technical development team is challenging? Expensive? Don’t worry!  Through our investor tech network offers Tech Cofounder / tech partner / CTO for startups 50% of the money needed is invested by an investor in the tech network and the tech investor develops the whole product from A to Z through its internal team. The model offered is unique worldwide and it has gathered good attention already. Entrepreneurs don’t need to relocate to the UAE and we can invest in them remotely. If you are interested, please submit your startup on the following link: Find a technical cofounder.
Technical partner for startups
If you are a technical entrepreneur but unable alone to build the technical product and you are looking to recruit a team to build your startup, then you can rely on as your technical partner. We will be building the whole product with you from A to Z through our internal team. We will also invest 50% of the money needed. Don’t outsource! Let us help you. Find the right partner!
Part time CTO for a startup
If you want to have a part time CTO for your startup, then you can join our Technical Cofounder program where we provide the services needed for a CTO. Experienced technical people might be scarce and/or expensive. You might also be relying on an outsourcing team and looking for an independent expert who can review and assess the technical part for you. We will provide you full services that a CTO has to for your startup on per equity basis, analyzing the code, highlighting the potential problems and we can even help in testing.
Grow your startup
Whether you have a startup that is based or you want to expand your startup to the United States, then our program Grow your Startup can help. We help startups by providing business development services per equity basis. We help in improving sales, opening new markets, increasing sales margins, exploring strategic deals and partnerships, and raising capital for your startup. We provide outsourced sales management through our team of sales experts and consultants.
Outsourcing digital marketing and content marketing for startups
Platform Capital helps startups in improving their marketing and in finding an outsourced digital marketing and content marketing teams. Our team is backed with digital marketing and content marketing experts and consultants. Learn more about this service by checking our Grow your Startup program.
SEO expertise and SEO outsourcing for startups
We work with startups on improving their SEO and ranking higher in search engine results pages. We do this by offering on-page and off-page SEO services, applying keyword analysis, link-building, local and global SEO, among many others. Learn more about this service by checking our Grow Your Startup program.
Sales as a Service for startups [SAAS]
We work with startups on improving their sales and increasing their revenues. We work with you on finding new customers, exploring new sales channels, optimizing your sales strategy and activities, among many other services. Learn more about this service by checking our Grow your Startup program.
CMO per equity for a startup
If you are have already built your product and you want to expand your market or if you have built your startup and you are looking for a Chief Marketing officer  that will be paid partly in cash and partly in equity then we can provide you with that service as part of our Grow your Startup program.
COO/CFO per equity for a startup
Finding a COO or CFO is difficult especially if you need the best people and your startup is at a stage where you can’t pay high salaries to attract them. The best option is to find a cofounder who can fill in that role and work per equity. SanPete Financial Group provides COO consulting services per equity and CFO consulting services per equity as part of its Grow your Startup program.
Sell your products
If you want to sell your products, then Platform Capital can help. Outsourced sales management is one of the services that we provide in our Grow your Startup program. Through outsourcing your sales to SanPete Financial Group, you will be provided with sales representatives and sales consultants and experts. Our team includes sales representatives who can work remotely and help you sell the products of your startup and close more deals. This service is provided on work per equity basis where we invest 50% of the money needed. This is part of the services we provide in our Grow your Startup program.

Access to Markets

Platform Capital helps startups around the world to grow into and enter the market. We help you in finding partners and potential customers in your target market whether it is local or other global markets. This service is offered as a part of our
Grow Your Startup program.
Business Conference
Our Service Level & Money Back Guarantee 

Pay only for results achieved!

We will study the opportunity of our collaboration and how SanPete Financial Group & Platform Capital can help and then we will list clear time-bound milestones that need to be met. Our team will do its best to deliver the best results in terms of quality, time frames, and offering the best technical and business insights. On the other hand, if the results were not met as planned you can get a refund and pay only for what has been achieved.  

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