Our acceleration courses approach to growth offers opportunities that link individuals and brands together generating new business and collaborative support systems. We help you develop and navigate Business to Business networking and cross sector collaboration. 

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Accelerating Your Company for Investor Success


Our Accelerator Hub

1. We perform a deep dive into your Executive Summary, Company PowerPoint, and Pitch Deck to assure you present solid stats, accurate market research and a workable marketing plan.  We teach you to convey how, what, when, where and to whom your products and services will perform in an ever increasing and productive manner, which is critical to achieve investor commitment.

2. We carefully analyze your deal and provide on-going, beyond the classroom, business mentoring and coaching to align your goals with those of targeted and relational developed investors.

3. We check our system and investor relationships to determine if Investor matches are interested and available.

4. We schedule introductory meetings through a VC conference call or an on-site visit.

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