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What is the Human Factor Fund?

Funding Humanitarian Needs Worldwide

The Human Factor Fund (HFF) is a vehicle modeled on the support and analysis approaches of successful venture investment structures, that will quickly assess, fund, and scale innovations, both internal to HFF and external, that work. This fund is a first-of-its kind experiment that is being undertaken by large humanitarian funders such as UNICEF who is undertaking this modeling to encourage innovations across the globe. The first stage of the Fund aims to churn out self-sustaining projects out of the current stack of innovation projects. Investments will be in the form of small grants first, followed by a hybrid Humanitarian Venture capital (VC) like equity investment, and then rolled out to a full-scale Humanitarian Funding Model.  Following this course will allow HFF to effectively manage the fund, solidify education of innovators, capture early program data analytics, improve reporting methodologies  and project management of fund awardees.


Meet The Humanitarian Funding Team


Yvonne Gamble

Cheif Investment Officer


Jerome Curry

Cheif Finance Officer


Jacque Zoccoli

Operations Manager


Arline Warwick

Sponsorship Director

Our Collaborative Management Partners

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